#1284 & The Livestock Auction

Whether you are buying or selling or both, get there early and get your number!  And the seat you want!

Every Monday at 12:00 Noon is our sale time for the Carroll County Livestock Sales Barn, which serves the West Georgia Area.  But, don’t go to sell your hogs there because the state requires concrete.  For clean up I suppose!

Cattle, goats and sheep are good to go.  I’m not sure about horses.  Most horses go to sell at the horse sales at other venues.  Horses can be pretty rowdy, but, cattle can be mighty rowdy too!

Constant mooing is the earmark of the sales barn.  I don’t see how folks can listen to that all day.  Well, once a week might not be so bad, but, it is loud and could be very annoying after a while.

Finally at 12:00 Noon sharp, the auctioneer announces the beginning of the auction.  It starts slow and then goes fast and furious.  If you are as fast as the auctioneer, you can almost keep up with the rapid movement of stock.  The overhead weight and sales boards help a lot in keeping up.  The gallery is usually full of local sellers and buyers and curiosity visitors.  If you have never been to one it is about the most exciting thing around.  Get a good seat so you can see all the action!

A while back we took our five year old grand daughter to the auction.  She wanted to hold our number so  we said “Okay, but don’t hold it up unless we tell you to!”

She was very good and careful and actually she “sat” on the number on her seat!  When the time came, she held up her number, and we bought a small calf for her.  She was so excited!!!

Sales are either up or down, depending on the market and many conditions like time of year, etc.  It is always fun and there is a great cafe open on sales day to get a good home cooked meal with delicious sweet tea!

One day we were eating lunch in the cafe and I said, “It’s about time Bryan got back for the second load of stock!”, that we had bought.  I called him and he said he hadn’t even left with the first load yet because they could not get the truck tail gate open!  This was when all we had was an old pick up truck with iron rail sides.  It was great for a few head, but this time the tail gate was stuck!  Finally, after a lot of work and frustration we finally got it open and began the process of loading and hauling.  We finally got the new stock home!

Once home, one of the cows, got out of the fence around the lake five times!  A couple of others, we finally caught up with over in the next county literally.  This is how fun farming can be!

If you have never been, put it on your bucket list and go  to the livestock sale.  You may just find a pretty little white face calf that you will have to hand feed with a bottle, twice a day for the next six months.  But, you will love that calf and may name her “Buttons!”

When she got older,

Buttons had her own little calf and we named him “Zipper!”

Today we sold twelve sheep for $800.00 less the sales fee, netting $713.49.  Not a great price but at least our pastures can get some much needed relief!  That’s farming!


32 Seconds Per Day

That is the approximate time that each day changes in the amount of sunlight and darkness!  Every morning changes by 16 seconds and every evening changes by 16 seconds.  That is to say that, the day time contracts and the night time expands or the day time expands and the night time contracts.  Wow!  Bet you never thought about it like that!

The hours remain the same.  The good old 24 hours, but their make up is different every single day of the year.  This very subtle movement is what allows us to have our very long days in the middle of the summer and our very short days in the middle of the winter.  Did this just happen or did “Someone” or “Something” plan for this dramatic shift in patterns?  Not unlike the other factors that all come into play throughout the universe!  The approximate 17.5 degree tilt in the earth’s axis, which along with the 365.25 day year, which gives us all the wonderful four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.  Not to mention day and night every 24 hours.  Who would have figured all this out, to say let’s do this and this and this and we will have a beautiful existence on a peaceful planet with stars at night and a gorgeous moon and the sun by day!  And the weather patterns, oh, don’t even get me started on that!

The mere thought of our existence is a “Miracle” in itself!  Someone once compared the creation of the universe to the creation of a grand cruise ship.   How could everything just happen with such precision and appointment “by chance!”  Oh, it just happened!!!   Really???!!!!!  Make up your own mind and then tell me what you think!

I measured it again this morning.  Yeap, the sunrise was eight minutes later this morning on July 7, 2016, than it was on June 20, 2016, time of the summer sols

tice, the longest day of the year.  That would have been approximately 16 days since the shift started to change by 32 seconds every morning.  I see it every morning right outside my open window!  And I have a clock right next to it to confirm the time!  Amazing!

Now, I am no scientist, but, I do believe in the precision of things, the timeliness of events, as well as the unpredictable events, that sometimes throw a “monkey wrench” in the mix of things.  If we did not have a certain amount of “reliability” in the universe it would indeed be chaotic!

In my book, We Danced Until Dawn, the children grow up and in Chapter 10, page 41, Carolyn Elizabeth Jett, becomes an astronomer;

To become a newly minted graduate of Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, preparing her for         a life course in astronomy.  She would later find her specialized work at the Lowell                   Observatory, on Mars Hill, in Flagstaff, Arizonia, where in 1913, it would be discovered           that the universe was in a “Red Movement,” in other words, we were all moving apart!           Something, I believe, we already knew, but you couldn’t put your finger on it!  Now you           could!

When we looked at the stars and the beautiful night over the farm we would always think       of Beth, as we called her, and how maybe, she was looking back at us somehow from far,       far away and signaling us with her love!

Little did we know that, like the ebb and flow of the sea, that she would be, like all children, constantly, in and out, back and forth in our lives for all time.  Like the sun, the moon, and the stars, 32 seconds every day!

The Old Store Is No More

All of my life, I have gone to the old D. W. Bennett Grocery Store, usually just called Bennett’s.   10-2- & 4, just like on the old Dr. Pepper bottles that Mrs. Bennett sold, for so long, ice cold, black, and delicious, right out of the big cold drink cooler.  No better sales slogan was ever originated, in my opinion!

That was the time for a refreshing and delicious Dr. Pepper, at 10:00 AM, when you needed a little something in the morning to keep you going, at 2:00 PM, when you needed something after lunch, and 4:00 PM when you were dragging in the afternoon.  If you didn’t hit them all, you at least caught two or maybe one, but, the times were always in your head!  Now that tradition has sort of gone by the wayside along with the old store building that was just torn down the other day.  Actually it has been several weeks now, but, it was two weeks gone before I even completely noticed it missing!  Too busy a world we live in, I say!  Nevertheless, when I did notice it gone, I really did a double take to be sure and a little OMG was my first reaction!

We have this strong tendency to think that everything is permanent!   But, it is not!  We spend years coming and going in the same footsteps and the same paths that take us to and fro and we never stop to think that one day, some day, things may actually change.  I can recount countless circumstances and incidents of the same, now that I am older and have seen so much.  This old house is gone, this old building is gone, this old battlefield is now a subdivision, this old post office is now a private home, this old mobile home park is now part of a gargantuan mall!   How many changes can we absorb???

Unfortunately, being a “Historian,” I am so often, mentally in the past and I see things in the past that most other people don’t even think about anymore.  Like the Old Sweetwater Park Hotel that used to occupy my grandparents property and where I spent much of my time growing up cutting the grass around the old foundation brick of the same.  The resort was built in 1888, thrived for about 24 years, and burned to the ground on January 12, 1912.  Forty years later, houses were built on the old site and my grandfather bought a very nice little brand new house on three lots right in the very center of the old foundation setting. I could never quiet reconcile the four decades of abandonment that had occurred and over the period of my lifetime set out to try to understand why history changes things so much!

Today I am still trying to understand, but as a “Historian,” I am getting better at it all the time and have really come to understand that there is a time and a place for all things, just as the Bible says!  I have lived in several personal homes that all exceeded 100 to 176 years old, including the one that I live in now.  I like old things, I guess, and have a personal passion for the past.  Mostly because it embraces so much over the course of time.  If you only look at the present you just see today.   To look to the past and to the future is somewhat of a gift.  It makes you a visionary in both directions and after a while, you almost think you can see the future as well as the past.  Pretty close you can!

Well, it is very difficult for me to accept change in so much. I resist it.  I really don’t want it so much!   It is strange and uncomfortable!  But, it is inevitable also!  Se la vi, as they say, that is life!

So, hold on to what you got, for as long as you can, or for at least, as long as you want to, because they ain’t makin no more!  ……  Yes they are!  That is the kicker, and we had better get use to it by Goodness or we too will be left behind like all the rest!



Aviation Down on the Farm

Ben had just made his first solo flight and landed little “Tweety Bird” for the very first time, by himself, down on the farm at Honey Acres Airfield!  Boy, what a day!!!

Now, those are some pretty pictures!  The pictures are true, but, the story is a little made up!  As a writer, and blogger, you can do some interesting things, however, the truth is the truth and the truth shall set you free!

I wanted to practice putting two and two together and coming up with five!!!   This is what a story teller can do and often does.  It doesn’t mean he or she is dishonest or anything like that, only that the “artistic license” allows that artist to do what he wishes.  As long as it does not harm or malign, libel or otherwise hurt or injure another person.  As a writer it is really fun to make up stories as you can and put together often outrageous scenarios sometimes that are not exactly the truth.  That is why it is called FICTION.

But, how can “fiction” help us in our dreams and aspirations, as we go through life???  Over the years, I have very often, used it as “Affirmations” and “Visualizations” in the pursuit of goals and challenges!   Like right now, on my refrigerator, I have some pretty cool looking dudes pictures, who are nice and slim and good looking.  On the side, along with them, I have a “not so cool” picture of myself on a motorcycle at the Las Vegas Harley Davidson Dealership!  Over weight and out of shape, it is a reminder to myself that I can do better, much better!  And I am, for I have lost about 25 pounds and am going down a little every day!

Affirmations and visualizations do work!   As a good example, some years ago, I was wanting to own a V-Tail Bonanza like my Dad worked on and flew in his business when I was small.  So, I went to the local Beechcraft Dealer at that time, and made some new friends and acquaintances and had my picture made in from of a new Three Prop – Beechcraft Bonanza.  She was a beauty!  I put the picture where I could see it in my visualization book every day.  I also put a picture of a V-Tail Bonanza on my  business checking account, which I still use today.   A few weeks later, my  friend from Beechcraft called and invited me to go as co-pilot (I was a licensed pilot by then) with him to deliver a brand new Sundowner 180 to the dealer for a customer in Birmingham, Alabama.  I said sure thing and we were off out of Atlanta to Birmingham.  It was a great flight and I learned about the new Century 1 Auto Pilot Wing Leveler, and other nice features of that beautiful airplane.  We took a commercial flight back home and it was all in a day’s work, you might say.

A few weeks later, my  buddy in Idaho calls, and says that he had to put his old Stinson down in a snow storm the other day and although, he was okay, the insurance totaled the airplane.  Now he had just half as much money from the insurance for a nice older model V-Tail Bonanza that he had located for sale for the”Wings Over the Mountains” ministry that we were somewhat involved in.   Did I want to go in halves for the acquisition???  Whattttt???

Well, after a day or so, actually the next morning, I called my friend and said YES and I then had a one-half interest in a V-Tail Bonanza that was 3,000 miles away!  Wow!  He said he would send me my own set of keys and some pictures!  He did and I hung those keys up with pride right by the telephone.  UMMMMmmm

To make a long story short, by about six months later, my friend called and said he was coming home and giving up on the flying ministry at that time.  He came home, I found and sold to him (me being in the real estate business) a nice little farm and believe it or not, we horse traded on the money and the airplane equity he had.  NOW, I was the sole owner of the V-Tail Bonanza, way, way, off in another state!!!  Across the country!!!

By and by, we went and got the beautiful airplane with the new paint job and brought her home.   It wasn’t easy, but it was the flying trip of a life time!  No doubt about it!  It was awesome!   And that is another story I will share with you another time!

S0, next time, you really want something really bad, you might try a little  bit of affirmations and visualization.  Believe me, it WORKS!