Aviation Down on the Farm

Ben had just made his first solo flight and landed little “Tweety Bird” for the very first time, by himself, down on the farm at Honey Acres Airfield!  Boy, what a day!!!

Now, those are some pretty pictures!  The pictures are true, but, the story is a little made up!  As a writer, and blogger, you can do some interesting things, however, the truth is the truth and the truth shall set you free!

I wanted to practice putting two and two together and coming up with five!!!   This is what a story teller can do and often does.  It doesn’t mean he or she is dishonest or anything like that, only that the “artistic license” allows that artist to do what he wishes.  As long as it does not harm or malign, libel or otherwise hurt or injure another person.  As a writer it is really fun to make up stories as you can and put together often outrageous scenarios sometimes that are not exactly the truth.  That is why it is called FICTION.

But, how can “fiction” help us in our dreams and aspirations, as we go through life???  Over the years, I have very often, used it as “Affirmations” and “Visualizations” in the pursuit of goals and challenges!   Like right now, on my refrigerator, I have some pretty cool looking dudes pictures, who are nice and slim and good looking.  On the side, along with them, I have a “not so cool” picture of myself on a motorcycle at the Las Vegas Harley Davidson Dealership!  Over weight and out of shape, it is a reminder to myself that I can do better, much better!  And I am, for I have lost about 25 pounds and am going down a little every day!

Affirmations and visualizations do work!   As a good example, some years ago, I was wanting to own a V-Tail Bonanza like my Dad worked on and flew in his business when I was small.  So, I went to the local Beechcraft Dealer at that time, and made some new friends and acquaintances and had my picture made in from of a new Three Prop – Beechcraft Bonanza.  She was a beauty!  I put the picture where I could see it in my visualization book every day.  I also put a picture of a V-Tail Bonanza on my  business checking account, which I still use today.   A few weeks later, my  friend from Beechcraft called and invited me to go as co-pilot (I was a licensed pilot by then) with him to deliver a brand new Sundowner 180 to the dealer for a customer in Birmingham, Alabama.  I said sure thing and we were off out of Atlanta to Birmingham.  It was a great flight and I learned about the new Century 1 Auto Pilot Wing Leveler, and other nice features of that beautiful airplane.  We took a commercial flight back home and it was all in a day’s work, you might say.

A few weeks later, my  buddy in Idaho calls, and says that he had to put his old Stinson down in a snow storm the other day and although, he was okay, the insurance totaled the airplane.  Now he had just half as much money from the insurance for a nice older model V-Tail Bonanza that he had located for sale for the”Wings Over the Mountains” ministry that we were somewhat involved in.   Did I want to go in halves for the acquisition???  Whattttt???

Well, after a day or so, actually the next morning, I called my friend and said YES and I then had a one-half interest in a V-Tail Bonanza that was 3,000 miles away!  Wow!  He said he would send me my own set of keys and some pictures!  He did and I hung those keys up with pride right by the telephone.  UMMMMmmm

To make a long story short, by about six months later, my friend called and said he was coming home and giving up on the flying ministry at that time.  He came home, I found and sold to him (me being in the real estate business) a nice little farm and believe it or not, we horse traded on the money and the airplane equity he had.  NOW, I was the sole owner of the V-Tail Bonanza, way, way, off in another state!!!  Across the country!!!

By and by, we went and got the beautiful airplane with the new paint job and brought her home.   It wasn’t easy, but it was the flying trip of a life time!  No doubt about it!  It was awesome!   And that is another story I will share with you another time!

S0, next time, you really want something really bad, you might try a little  bit of affirmations and visualization.  Believe me, it WORKS!


One thought on “Aviation Down on the Farm”

  1. The time I tried to land at Honey Acres the Cessna’s rudder jammed on final. That was my only attempt. Otherwise it would have been routine – from the south only! The rudder also jammed on a flight from KPDK to KCTJ. It required a bit of aerobatics to land it, even on a long paved runway. Now, I think I am tired of flying. Having been a “bush” pilot as well as an overworked corporate jockey, I enjoy the surface of the earth. Just knowing I was up there is pleasant to the recollections. Pilot! One more thing on the bucket list.


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