And Then, There Were Romulous and Remus

No two finer dogs were there ever!!!  Except for what they did!!!

Now, you probably know the real story, from Roman Mythology, about the original founders of Rome, Italy, and how, they were, as abandoned babies, taken in by a “She Wolf” and raised to adulthood!  She suckled them  and raised them as her own.  Then, as grown men, they went out into the big world and started a new home around and in the seven hills of  their homeland.  This “Seven Hills” area would later come to be known as Rome or Roma, as the Italians call it, after the surviving son Romulous,  supossedly , killed Remus, and the rest is history!

When I was in high school, I had the privilege to study Latin for two years.  I had a grand old dame  of a teacher named “Speedy” by nickname, Mrs Warren, bless her heart, who was quiet elderly, we thought, who taught us yearlings, less than impeccable Latin!  But she tried hard and we tried hard (???)  and we loved her dearly, as our most renowned devotee to this long ago forgotten language.  We had a “Latin Club” and periodically staged our own “Gladiatorial Fights” in the football stadium, replete with period clothing, togas, weapons, robes, etc., and once my brother, Gordon, even built a “Roman Chariot” which we pulled with our own horse,” Deacon!”  We were all, sort of heroes to the school by then!

And once, as a Latin Club Project, an artist friend (boy), Jerry Brown Armstrong and I (also an artist), did as our project, an oil painting, approximately two by three feet, of the “Assassination of Julius Caesar,” at the foot of the Statue of Pompey, in the Senate of Rome!  It was a pretty good, and gruesome painting, of the actual stabbing of Caesar by all the assassins including his good friend (???) Brutus!  Hence, “Et tu Brute!?!”  We got a big “A+!”

Well, back to Latin, you know it is the “Mother Language” of the main five Romance Languages, Spanish (410 million), Portuguese (215 million), French (80 million), Italian (60 million), Romanian (25 million). (Google Search)  English, is actually classified as a Germanic Language, although most of the “big” words are Latin derived!  e.g. Exit – to go out of!

Back to Romulous and Remus!  They were good dogs!  They were the puppies I raised from my Saint Bernard Momma named “Gertrude,” really!  No Latin there!  Knowing what I know about puppies and dogs, I was careful to NOT just let them go, out on their own!  Because I had heard too many “horror” stories about dogs just running away and never coming back, for one reason or another.  (See the very funny movie, “Funny Farm,” with Chevy Chase)  So, I always kept them both on a leash when I was handling and training them.  They were young and powerful and were going to be stupendous specimens of the canine family when they grew up!!!  I was so proud of them!   I had never, taken quiet the interest, in puppies like this before, but this time, these were going to be “MY DOGS!”   NONT!

The sun was shinning that day and everything was beautiful!   I had finally decided to give my dogs the ultimate training exercise by setting them free in the back yard to run and run and run, freely and unencumbered by leashes and restraints!   Big mistake!

I released them – they went running “Wild” like two crazy animals, over and around and back and forth, and over and around, and back and forth, and out and back, and out and back, and out …………. presumedly to the woods (oh no, oh my) not the woods – we only had a few hundred acres we adjoined – maybe a few thousand actually!  And low and behold, I never saw them again!!!  Ever!!!

Lost, unaccounted for, demised, whatever, I do not know, to this day!  The great little dogs, which I had such high hopes for, which had such tremendous promise, were gone, never to come back.  I was so disappointed, so devastated, so lost in my recollections about what had happened!!!  I don’t know!  I just don’t know!

I tell you this story because it was one very important to me.  I learned some kind of lesson.  I am not sure exactly what, but, I learned that things do not always turn out the way you mean for them to!  For me, it was a “Life Lesson!”  So when something like this happens to you, don’t be so surprised!  I don’t blame the dogs, I hold myself responsible!

I needed to be on a leash myself!  So much for Romulous and Remus!  Good Bye!!!

Latin, though, is still held, by me,

in high esteem!


How do you find the time!?!

There are only 24 little hours every day!  So, how do you, how do we, how does anyone find the time to do all the things that have to be done!?!

Well, one thing we can all agree on, is that we all have the same “amount” of time.  It is mostly a matter of time allocation.  Prioritizing our to do list is a big step forward in getting a handle on this task of getting things done.  My Dad always said, “That time waits for no man!”  And, indeed he was right.  His concept of getting things done, was to be efficient in all things you do.  The more efficient you become the more you can accomplish in a given amount of time.  This is true!

In real estate, we used to talk about the “Star Agent” who went here and then there and then over here and then over there and up there and across there and back here!   By the time that effort was completed their travel schedule looked like a gold star!  But, it was very inefficient!  We had to learn, as we all do, that more things need to be done in congruence with other like things so that our travel time, our decision time, our action time and our overall actual time spent is REDUCED!

For example, if you were going shopping, sit down first and outline either on paper (preferred) or at least in your own mind, just what it is that you want to accomplish and what the allotted time is for that  or those accomplishments.   Once you do this, you will have a clear idea of what you have to do and how long you have to do it!  You may need to change or modify  somewhat, but that is okay if necessary.  In geometry  you learn that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, right?  So once you “focus” your thinking in this manner things take on a new perspective.  Actually, you reduce your task, to a sort of mathematical equation.  Then follow your equation to get the results you want.

Pre-planning is the key!   Thinking ahead is the key!  Focused execution is the key!

When we go flying, we try to always look at  and think, what is our “mission” on this flight!?!   Is it this or is it that!  Believe you me, it makes a lot of difference in your planning!  Always know your mission!

Time is a very fleeting commodity, is it not?  So we must do everything we can to preserve it and to make it go as far as possible.  How you control your time will largely determine what it is that you get done in any given day.   No control equals very mixed results!  If you are on vacation it may be perfect, but, if you are trying to make ends meet or just get more done you must have a  controlled approach to how you use your time available!


Be Efficient

Plan Ahead

Have a Mission

Follow That Mission aka Execute Those Actions

Compromise if Necessary but, Not Much

Reflect On Your Actions


In effect, these are good points to use in any effort to be successful at anything you do or want to accomplish.  Do this daily and you will be bound to accomplish more and you will be more relaxed doing it!

You are now, cleared for “Take Off!”

It’s Summertime & It’s Hot

Once again, it is the good old summertime and it is hot as you know what!  Every day around here has been in the mid 90’s, sometimes as high as 97.  Add in the humidity and the heat index factor and it is often well over a 100 plus!!!

Well, the heat is not going away anytime soon and so you learn to look forward to that day when it is a “cool” 90 or under if possible!  Today it came up a real good  rain shower and a blowing windstorm that lasted about twenty minutes and cooled things down a bit!

Taking advantage of the air conditioning inside I thought I would work on my “Things to do list!”  and, I have come up with a number of things that should keep me pretty busy for a while during these hot summer days.


Organize my songs that I have written into a binder notebook.

Include poetry and other writings

Work  on blogs

Work on new books each day, at least for a certain amount of time

1.  The Flagstaff Effect  ( A new book about the transcendence of being)

2.  The Jett Family Trilogy  (New Edition Format – to encompass all three of the books of the trilogy about the Jett Family)

3.  Godpita  (A new book about the world we live in and how we, as humans, fit in)

4.  Gothard’s Creek – Land of the Cherokee – (A prequel to Fallow Are the Fields)


Work on painting projects –

several things in mind (I love oils, acrylics, watercolor, pen & ink, pencil and color pencil, etc.)  Have done many over the years

Flying Work –  Airport/Business Efforts, etc. (Washing and piddling with airplanes, actually flying them and working on them for sale, etc.)

Farm Work  –  Projects & Things   (like send steer to processor)  Actually in the last two weeks, we have sent off five pigs, average weight 375 lbs, and one steer, 872 lbs)

Model Railroads – G – Gauge, H-O Gauge, and N –  Gauge  (small, medium and large in reverse)  And I have all three!  This is a great hobby that really allows you to be creative)

Motorcycle – Trips to plan and make, etc.  Speedometer to get fixed

Music –  Play & practice – Piano, Guitar, Fiddle, Ukulele, etc.

Where do you find the time!?!

Opps, and don’t forget work!

Oh, I am retired!!!

Thank Goodness   –

So I can go swimming and relax!

I almost forgot!!!