Dog Days of Summer

The “Dog Days of Summer” are upon us!

What does that mean?  Well, in old country boy parlance, that means that the good ole’ summertime is just about gone!

What can’t pass for summer and what can not pass for Autumn, falls somewhere’s in the never, never, land of “Dog Days!”

  • Summer’s not quiet gone.
  • Fall is not quiet here yet.
  • The temperature is diving, just a few degrees, from the sweltering heat of late summer, just enough to give you a little tickle in your big toe of your right foot!
  • Swimmin’ is still fun down in the pond, but the pond is a bit l

    ower than usual, and those cold spots have moved around again!  Ummm …. something is going on here and I ain’t sure what it is!?!

  • A good warm fire in the fireplace sounds like a good idea but it ain’t yet that cool!
  • It’s a good time to get up some firewood though anyway because you know it (the cold of winter) is a comin’!
  • Fishing is a mite laid back, but, some are still biting!
  • Your chores are in limbo, but steady.  You don’t really know whether you need to do more or less.
  • All engines and motors seem to be working good, but for how long you ask!?!  And then they break down!
  • The cattle and other livestock are fairly contented, but they too are tired of the hot weather and are looking for a change!  There is some restlessness at times!
  • Home cooking smells ever so good, especially the hog fat rendering, as the aromas drift around the old farm!
  • The hay is getting put up – not too much, not too little, just the right amount for another round of “Jack Frost” and all his rowdy  friends!
  • Things even look different!  Colors are more muted and the light carries a different ambiance as it drizzles through the tree limbs!
  • Things smell different like now they are older and dryer!
  • The honey bees sting more because the nectar is down and they are restless and sometimes downright mean!
  • Cold iced tea taste like you been drinking it all summer and you feel like maybe you’re ready for some hot coco, but not just yet!
  • There ain’t enough dirt to fill a hole back up and it just had come out!  Usually in the Spring there is too much dirt that comes outta the hole!  Or, is it the other way around?  Anyway, it’s different!

Yeap, it’s Dog Days of Summer okay, and you can’t deny it anymore than you can spit into the wind and not get wet!

So gird up those loins and get ready because Fall is coming and it’s a comin’ soon!  Ummm… it will be nice for a while!  A nice change of pace in our hectic little world of this and that!

Dust off your boots and clean the hunting rifle, cause cold weather will soon be here again and it won’t be long before we are once more longing for the Spring and the green, green grass of warm weather!

Enjoy the Dog Days for what they are!  A new change in the air and like today, sometimes your old dog, like “Kiba,” actually comes home after being gone for three days!  Dirty, scraggly and hungry, he settles in for a while!  After all it’s his time of year!!!





Things To Do That Last!

Build a Pyramid!

Dig out a Panama Canal!

Write a Declaration of Independence!

Establish a Republican form of Government!

Okay, all these things may not be so easy, and besides, they have been done already.

Let’s see what we can do as individuals to accomplish something long lasting and significant in our own personal lives.

Here is a short list of some of the things that I have witnessed and perhaps been either a small or large part of.  Things that have meant something to me and hopefully to others along the way.

To Wit:

  • My dad, my brother and me, built a fence around most of our farm that has lasted about 50-60 years.  Black locust post from North Georgia and 12.5 gauge barbed wire just do not wear out!


  •  My wife and I have been married now for 38 years, going on 100.  It has been marvelous and we have raised three children.  Ups and downs are normal, but, the real staying power is in the 12.5 gauge barbed wire we are bound with!  No, just kidding!  It takes a lot of love and a lot of give and take!


  • Learn to swim!  It may save your life and it will give you a lifetime of pleasure, enjoyment, relaxation and recreation!


  • Learn to cook!  For me, I just get by, that is why I married my wife.  She is the best cook ever and enjoys everything about it!  Just recently my granddaughter said to her mother, that the best thing about her lunch at school the other day, was her grandma’s homemade applesauce!  Enough said!


  • Build or learn a skill for your personal life like some of the following:
  • Learn to fly and get a private pilots license and the whole world opens up to you!
  • Take up Karate
  • Horseback Riding
  • Carpentry of all kinds!
  • Model Railroading and creating beautiful dioramas and unique layouts!
  • Flying model Radio Controlled Airplanes & Building them too!
  • Build a house of your own!
  • Build a stone chimney and fireplace!  I have built two.  One when I was 25 years old and one when I was 65 years old.  They both work like a charm and have given me untold satisfaction and warmth!
  • Build an Airfield for your full size airplane.  This is a big chore, but it has its rewards!
  • Write a Book, or two, or three!  Now, there is a challenge!  And, do all the illustrations!
  • Learn to paint beautiful Oil Paintings, Acrylics and Watercolors!  You might be surprised by the natural talent you have!  Or take classes to learn!
  • Take up Music, and learn to play the piano, the guitar or any number of other instruments!  And make some beautiful music!
  • Try singing, song writing and performing!  Maybe you CAN do it

Accomplishments of all kinds can be lasting and fun!  They can give you something to live for and something to look forward to.  They can help keep you young!

Everybody should have at least three or four things yet to do in their lives.  This is what helps to keep you moving forward!

What is it YOU are going to do next or begin to work on as your next accomplishment for THINGS THAT LAST!!??!!

Or maybe, just go fishing!

You will NEVER catch them all!



There’s a Goat in the Moat!

One day while wondering around the turrets of the castle, I was looking outward and surveying the nearby countryside immediately around the old place, when what to my wondering eyes, did I see, but, a “Goat in the Moat!”

What was the billy goat doing over there!?!   He wasn’t suppose to be in there at all!  Goats, however, have a habit of being where they are not supposed to be!  I can tell you some real and crazy stories about my goats!

Change the “Castle” to “Farm” and we will zero in on the real situation around this place and what happens sometimes when you least expect it.

All summer it had been hot and muggy.  The grass had been eaten back and a little shade when a long way in the hot summer heat.  Curiosity is just about the middle name for a goat!  And nothing is more curious to a goat than somewhere that is cut off or separated from it and them.  One such thing and place was my little “flight shack,”  a small little building I used for my “multitude” of flight activities, adjoined by two project aircraft, and a protective fence to keep animals, including the goats, from leaving the grass airfield and getting into everything in sight!    Not to mention the cow’s propensity to chew on the doped fabric of the aircraft projects.

This day was typically like all the rest, until my sister in law came down to the farm to get some much needed fire wood and being alert, as she was, asked my wife, why that goat was hollering and looking out the window down in the flight shack?  And, why was the light on?   My wife said she didn’t know, but, that she would ask me.  She did, and I, being one to never worry about things I could ignore, made some poor excuse for the goat and why the light must be on.  I guess, I, we, ignored the phenomenon for about three days all together!  That was way too long!!!

Finally, I decided that, that light had been on for too long and I should go turn it out. But, before, I got there, my wife checked it out and low and behold, the flight shack was FULL OF GOATS!!!  She did take a picture or two with her phone camera to document the occasion and flung open the door so they could escape!  There were eleven of them in all!  The old billy goat “Elvis” was the first to escape and he went running out, jumped over the aircraft  c0rral fence, across the airfield and headed for the creek to get water, I guess!   The others were right behind him and in no time, they were all gone!  Except the damage that they had done for the past three days!

You have never seen such a mess!!!  Having entered the unlatched door, one and two at a time, the door, opening to the inside, closed behind them, and in there scuffle, they had turned on the light switch!  They could not get out the door, once inside!  It was kind of like a fish catcher basket, except it was a goat catcher flight shack!  Books, magazines, enlarged photographs, various artwork, you name it was in shambles.  The floor and tables, and chairs and anything they could climb on was ruined with goat pee and poop, etc.    It was so bad and I was so demoralized that I just closed the door back and didn’t open it again for several weeks, just to let it all dry out.   Then one day, I prepared myself, went down and tackled the awful job of clean up.  I trashed and burned and scooped and shoveled and cleaned and reorganized and did the best I could, to put it all back together!  It would never be the same, but, perhaps, I could use it again some day!

The picture of those goats, there in the flight shack, waiting for the next flight out of Honey Acres Airfield, was one of the most pathetic and intriguing scenes you can imagine!  They were sure glad to escape finally and it wasn’t too soon!  I will be more careful about our flight schedules in the future!

What will they get into next!?!