People Are Not Doing What They Are Doing!

There is something going on out there that is not right!!!

People are not doing what they are doing!!!  Or at least what they are supposed to be doing or what they “think” they are doing!

“Cell Phones” are the culprit!   The world we live in today has changed to a multi faceted, do everything at one time world, and it has left so many things by the wayside, like courtesy, politeness, safety, thoughtfullness, concentration,  deliberation, kindness, and how many other adjectives can we think of???

Let’s look at just a few of the factors that come into play with the “incorrect” use of cell phones!

  • Safety – Just today I saw via internet a young man hit and killed by a speeding car because he was listening to a head set and not paying attention!  Now, he might have been listening to some beautiful music and that is nice, but it was a beautiful car that hit him and killed him!  This happens over and over, where one is not being aware of the world around them.
  • Driving – Maybe too, the driver of the car was on a cell phone!?!  Maybe they were texting their good friend about dinner tonight.  Who knows?  But, we do know that the two do not mix.  A hands free, built in system, is a great improvement but still can be very distracting!
  • Eating – This happens to be a pet peeve of mine, that people can not sit down together and share a bite to eat without being totally  distracted by a cell phone.  We see this all the time with people everywhere and especially families who have gone out to eat and parents who may be sitting with their young children.  How RUDE AND THOUGHTLESS these persons are!
  • Movies – Don’t even get me started!!!
  • Church – Ditto!
  • Meetings of all kinds –  Ones especially where you should be paying attention!
  • Riding in automobiles – with other occupants, that you are supposed to be interacting with!  But, you are not, because you are talking “unnecessarily” to another person, who is a non occupant, and it is as annoying as you know what!!!

You know, necessary and useful and restricted time spent  for important “Communication” is one thing, but, so often this aspect is ignored, like all someone has to do is call you up and that person, then has unencumbered, unrestricted and unlimited access to your time and attention!!!

This can be controlled by a “thoughtful and courteous” listener, who may be in another’s presence at the time!  Please excuse yourself and ask if you can call them back, you are busy right now, or whatever comes to mine to get yourself off the phone at that moment!

None of us are perfect and the phone is a good and often necessary “tool.”  But,that is what it is a “Tool” – let’s learn to use it like one and let’s not be rude with it!!!

Enough is enough!!!