Thanksgiving & More

It has been a nice long year since last year’s Thanksgiving Day!  I remember it well!

This year it is scheduled to be an equally wonderful day, which it is!  I had just a little bit of time to reflect on some of the aspects of what it means to be “Thankful” in this time of plenty and business!  And I mean the word “busyness!”

So many things demand our time and effort at this time of year!  And, don’t forget, it is only 30 days to Christmas!  Wowsers!

Over this past year, so many things have happened!  Good and bad, I must say, but, for the most part good!

What would you put on your list?

Well, here is mine, if you don’t mind and I would like to share it with you!

  • The days now are so beautiful with the many colors and cool air – just to immerse yourself in the sunshine is a wonderful thing – take time to enjoy this weather phenomenon if you can!
  • We have plenty of food to eat, thank goodness.  We are not starving, like so many in the world.  Sad, but true!
  • Our families are with us, and are well, and they are a great blessing to us in every way.  Yes, there have been losses – I attended a funeral yesterday – but, we continue to be thankful within the enfoldment of our families and friends, who love us and protect us and with whom we do the same.  Life is about making it from one day to the next and the path in-between.
  • That “Path” that we travel, is the one before us, behind us, and right under our feet.  Look behind every once in while, to see where you have been and look forward often to see where it is you are going and also look down often to see where you presently are and so that you don’t stumble along the way or miss the wonderful journey of the present!
  • Thank “God” or whoever it is that you believe in that you are blessed with those who love you back, with laughing children, rollicking sisters and brothers, with endearing parents and unforgettable aging grands!  For without each other, our existence would be minimal.
  • Be “Thankful” for nature in all its grandeur and subtleties, for its beauty and ferociousness, for it paints from the pallet of life.
  • Be “Thankful” for “Time” for it is the stuff life is made of!  Treat it like the precious commodity that it is, a priceless treasure!

These are only some of the things that come to mind, as we reflect over these happy days and eat this wonderful food and create these happy memories!

It is my prayer for you that all things are possible and that you shall find every dream that comes your way!

In the words of an old Irish Proverb –

At the end of every Rainbow there is a Pot of Gold, or so I have been told; as long as the Taker, is also the Maker, of Rainbows!

Happy Thanksgiving!



Belgium Lace & Kid Gloves

The “Trophies” of Europe!  Belgium lace from  Brussels, Belgium, Kid Gloves from Florence, Italy, Cashmere Sweaters from London, England, Cuckoo Clocks from Lucern,  Switzerland and countless other trinkets from here and there!

These are my “Trophies” of my long ago trip to Europe!  Lace and Kid gloves to my dear Mother and Cashmere Sweaters to my dear Dad and  pictures and pictures and pictures for my own collection!  It was a time of joy, adventure and excitement, like no other!   To see “The World” perhaps for the first time was a real “eye opener” for me, that could only be described as “Marvelous!”

I was well educated, well, I was being educated at the time, only a neophyte to the exposure of the world, but, a ready and willing pupil.  A sojourner of unique and unembellished learning at the time, who had lived and grown up in the protective environment of my family and close proximity to home.  By now, I was in college and away from home by at least a year and had began to see that all that glitters is not gold, although it looks a lot like it!

Early that summer, I “remodeled” a house, as was a customary activity among my many entrepreneurial efforts and we, my family and I, in our real estate business, had successfully re-sold that house for a tidy profit.  This profit funded my trip to Europe in the later part of that summer.  Even then, that type of traveling was fairly expensive!

Soon, I was off to New York City, at nineteen years old, by myself, for a three day visit to the “Big Apple,” and, big it was!   I stayed at the downtown YMCA for $3.00 per day in middle Manhattan, where I got room and board too for just  pennies more.   A hot shower, in a shared bathroom, and a private room (small) to sleep in my own bed.

During the day, I was off to see everything I could in 72 hours, the time allotted, before boarding my plane to cross the pond!  Gray Line Tours are the best and I saw everything, everywhere – China Town, Radio City Music Hall, The Rockettes (not performing), Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, The Natural Museum of History, The Metropolitan Opera House, The Brooklyn Bridge, the George Washington Bridge, Grant’s Tomb, several hundred miles on the subway, up and down and across Manhattan, The United Nations, The Statue of Liberty (went into the crown, WOW!), the Empire State Building, (this was before the World Towers were even built), Harlem, the Bowery, Greenwich Village, Central Park, two movies (at night ???), and I don’t know what else, and then it was time to go see Europe for three weeks!!!

Just me, I met up with 28 girls and 5  boys, and two lady chaperones of theirs, and one other girl from my college, who I just barely knew Lynette Stein (Emory at Oxford of Emory U.), yeap, we met for the first time, boarded the 707 Boeing (four engines) and we took off for 48,000 feet on our trip across the Atlantic into Munich, Germany, via Sabena World Airlines.  It was quiet a trip and gave all of us a little extra time to get to know each other.  You would think for friendships that would last a life time, but, for me, this was a singular trip, and after Europe, I would never see or correspond with any of the other travelers ever again, except that I would see the one acquaintance from my college on occasion, but we rarely, if ever, talked about our trip!  Strange, I know, but all the others were High School Seniors and Lynette and I were college and even we had little in common.  Very strange, but that was the way it was!  Oh, we were all friends and all on the trip, but I established no long time, lasting friendships there.  It (Travel & Sites) were all business!!!

There were many memorable occasions, of course, and times that will never be forgotten, like the time Bridget climbed the balconies between the two rooms, three stories up or Melonie and her clickist friends and how they carried on.  Three weeks, as intensive as it was, was still not enough time to break into the inner circles of these other kids who were all together.  I was the older guy and a “Nerd” I guess!  But, I was a happy nerd and I washed out my socks and under ware at night, like the rest of them and we all survived one hell of a trip!  Day and night, non-stop!!!

The entire trip was such a “Rush” that you wouldn’t believe it!  We traveled by Bus, most of the time, by Train, by Boat, and by Airplane!  I still have my little grey suitcase and treasure it fondly!  I had obtained two travel suits from Muses’ in Atlanta, one dark and one light, which I wore alternately, no-iron perma press shirts, several ties, and comfortable leather wing tipped shoes.  I was stylish and well dressed, every day!  They probably thought I was a chaperone, I am sure!  And, that was okay, by me!

A million and one things, could be said about Europe, but, I will share all of that on another occasion!

Alas, the trip  was over, and we returned to the good old U.S. of A. and New York City, where I met my parents for another two weeks travel in New England and that too was awesome, in the Little Beaver Travel Trailer of 13 feet!!!  My, my, my, what a trip, what a traveling summer that was!   When I finally got back home, I barely recognized the humble beginnings of my world.  My world, now, was a lot bigger and broader and contained so many wonderful and wonder filled things, it was truly unbelievable!

The “Trophies” are now “Treasures” and the long, long, ago trip is still with me and a reminder of just how big this old world really is!!!


What Does It Mean?

In measuring temperature, what does it mean that  0 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Fahrenheit are equal or the same temperature and that – 40 C and – 40 F are also the same temperature on their respective scales?

Cold is cold and hot is hot!!!  When your hot, your hot, when your not, your not!!!

Well, I am not exactly sure that there is a deeper meaning to this discovery in the world of science, but, if there is, I would like to examine it and its ramifications!

Because, if there is a ratio of 5 degrees C to every 9 degrees F, then water still freezes at 0 degrees C and 32 degrees F, =  FROZEN WATER!

At various other temperatures, it is just colder or hotter!!!   Cooler or warmer!!!

Now, I am staying with water, because it is the most easily recognized reference for us as far as temperature differential.   At  0 degrees C  and 32 degrees F , water freezes and at 100 degrees C and 212 degrees F , water boils or turns to steam!  Interestingly enough, this puts the difference at 180 degrees apart for the F scale and 100 degrees for the C scale.

Celsius (also known as Centigrade was developed as a measurement for the metric system, by Anders Celsius, a Swedish astronomer, in 1742, but his original scale was reversed, because he set the freezing point of water at 100 degrees C and the boiling point of water at 0 degrees C.   This was later reversed by scientists, apparently in an effort to bring more uniformity to the conversion of temperatures with the Fahrenheit Scale, which was used more in non-metric measuring countries.  The Ninth General Conference on Weights  and Measurements officially named the scale the Celsius scale in 1948, the year incidentally, that I was born!!!  (Joseph J. Snoble, World Book Encyclopedia, 1966, p. 342)

Fahrenheit, on the other hand, was a Polish born German physicist, named Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit.  (Wikipedia, 2016)  He obviously, came up with another scale, where frozen water melted at 32 degrees F and water boiled at 212 degrees F.  The United States and most all of its territories, etc. adopted the Fahrenheit scale in 1954 while most all the rest of the world adopted and used the Celsius scale.  This has made for much consternation and confusion among most of us for some time now.  There have been failed efforts to further standardize these systems, but none have succeeded to this point.

I was lying in bed, the other morning upon awakening, as I often do, and I was for some reason pondering upon the conversion difference between a gallon and a liter.  On the label of some formerly used quart substance recently, it stated in metric that it was .8 of a liter, approximately.  So, I thought, if there are four quarts to a gallon, then four times that amount would equal 3.2 liters!  Actually the figure is 3.7854  Wallah!  A liter was less in volume than a gallon, by a considerable amount!  Yes!  I was delighted with my discovery and stayed awake for another 15 minutes before going back to sleep!

You can delve deeper and deeper into this subject, if you are so inclined, but, I must warn you that you may be getting in over your head, as I began to find out myself!

So, you may want to ponder upon these considerations, and on the other hand, you may not give a rat’s ass about it one way or the other!  But, it may be food for thought!

Some food, however, you just want to spit it out, and this may be one of them!!!