How Far Is Christmas 2016

When we were little, it seemed that Christmas would never get here!!!   Now, as we all get older, it seems that we just got through Christmas of last year!

How do we reconcile our ambivalent feelings about this and other events of the year?

For one, I think we really have to “Live in the moment!”  I mean we have to experience the small moments that make up the big moments.  For example, each “Holiday” is a special celebration!  Even if it is “President’s Day” it is a special time for thoughtfulness and reflection.  The same with “The Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and any other special times you observe, as dictated by your religion or otherwise.

Treat each special time with the respect that it deserves and the time that it deserves.  When you are choosing Christmas presents, choose them with care and deliberation, so that your gift has meaning to you and to the recipient.  Take the time to “Enjoy” the season and its richer meanings!

Actually, before Christians “Christianised” Christmas, as my Pastor once said,

it was simply the time of the Winter Soltice, when the world did not end, but, the days began to be longer again and the evergreen was taken as the sign of  renewed life.   It was a time of joy and celebration for that very reason and later led on to the May Fair and so on.   The Epiphany of the Christ Child as the arrival of the Son of God, as Saviour of the World, also called Twelfth Day would actually not occur until around the 6th of January or so.  Some scholars say much later.

The child would be called “Emmanuel,” meaning God With Us.

How remarkable it is, that God would come down to Earth, in the form of Man to “Save the World!”  So that the world through Him might be saved!

Without getting too “Theological” here, we must each look, see, and listen, and examine our own hearts and minds about this special time of year and what it really means to you and yours.   But, I do think that it is the ultimate expression of God’s Love for Man that he sent His only begotten Son, so that the world through Him might be saved.

In our hearts, we carry the Spirit of Christmas, whatever that meaning is to you.  It does not boast but is humble in the love that pervades its presence!  Reach deep within you and grasp for that wonderful Spirit of Christmas, so that you and the ones around you may experience the deepest Joy of the Season!

Christmas is only that far away!

Merry Christmas!




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