Last Blog of 2016

Well, the year is about past!  This is the last of 2016!  Wow!  What a year!

For you, I hope this has been an especially good year.  If you are like me, you have experienced a little bit of everything.  From good to sad, we have seen it all!

Just yesterday, December 29, 2016, we had the occasion to bury a dear Brother in Law, of 25 years, who finally succumbed to the frailties of life at a relatively young age of 52.  The Eulogy was given by myself and his daughter and afterwards I played the guitar and we all sang Amazing Grace at the graveside as we laid him to final rest to be with the Lord.  It was windy and very blustery and sort of surreal, as I was sort of like the preacher in charge, along with my niece.  It was difficult to get through, but overall it was uplifting in spirit and the sadness was prevailed by the words, memories and music.  In the words of the song, some things, you have to “Let it go, let it go, let it go!”  He will be sorely missed by all.

On a happier note, we can look forward to the New Year!

Yes, it is coming and 2017 promises to have its own surprises and excitement!

We have a new President, Mr. Donald Trump, and we pray that the economy will improve, our military will be rightfully restored and our general posture in the world and at home will take a turn for the better.  Please pray for President Trump and hold him up in your thoughts and prayers.

As we move forward, my prayer for you, is that you will embrace the New Year!  Meet it head on with “Resolution” to accomplish whatever it is that you are pursuing in this new year!  You can make a difference in your life and in the lives of those around you.  This year, we have another chance to do it right!

My closing admonition for you for 2017 is, in the words of John F. Kennedy, who was an avid sailor at Hyannis Point, MA, where he lived:

“Sail and do not lie still in the harbor!”

Good luck in 2017 and God Speed!


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