Nothing Succeeds Like Success

When you think of all the possibilities, we are reminded of the old adage, “Nothing Succeeds Like Success!!!”

This application of thought can be applied in many different ways depending on your needs and your perspective.

Just this morning, while at the local breakfast place,

hold up with my Big Irish Wolfhound, both of us sitting in our car, eating a delightful breakfast, as we often do, I was attracted to the nice, big, pretty, RED, stake side, flat bed, 3500 Truck, which had just parked next to us.  And, you know what?  I can not tell you for sure, if it was a Ford or a Chevrolet, but, I am pretty sure it was a Ford.  I particularly like Fords.  Have all my life and have owned several Ford Trucks!

This truck really caught my eye, because I had been observing another such truck (white) at a local car lot and just knew it would be ideal for our work on the farm!  This truck at breakfast was RED and shinny and looked like new!

When the owner came back and opened the door, I took the opportunity to holler over at him and tell him what a good looking truck he had!   He was pleased and  appreciative and I used the additional door opening of conversation to expand my inquiry.

Before he left the parking lot, I got out of my car and caught him one more time, just before he was leaving.  Turns out that he just uses his truck to do light farm work on his farm.  He can carry six (6) round bales of hay at a time.  UMMM, I thought that was very good.  Then I asked if he sold any hay and he said no, he just did his own hay and that was all, just for his own needs around the farm.  He had a few head of cattle and so on.

Well, before we were finished, we had each other’s names and addresses, and fifty years of information on each other, discovering that we both had worked at Six Flags Over Georgia.  He was about to retire from there, in their Mechanical Fleet, and I had worked there early when I was in college as a Caricature Artist.  We had a common bond instantly, we are almost the same age, and we both have small farms.  And on top of that, he lives near the airport, where I keep my airplanes!   Wow!

The point that I want to make here, is that, even the “Appearance” of success, in the most common and mundane environment can really communicate!   That “shinny” new RED Truck, just screamed “SUCCESS!” and I recognized it as an opportunity for me to learn more.  If I had not called out first and investigated further, it certainly would have been my lost for that opportunity!

Now, I have a new friend, who has a shinny new truck, and we do plan to visit sometime in the near future on our two farms.  On top  of all that, he, like me, of course, is a very nice person.  And, for whatever it is worth, he is Black and I am White!  Otherwise, we are like the same person and we are both Americans!

Success, comes in many different forms, shapes and colors!  And it comes in many different sizes, from big to little!  To say that “One thing leads to another,” is an understatement.

So, as you go about your daily activities, “Peel” your eyes for success and see where it may lead you.  You never know!!!  You could end up making a new friend with a shinny new truck!



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