Day By Day

Day by day, I sit here and there, moving around, piddling and pondering what is the meaning of my life.

Like a modern day, Robinson Crusoe, immortalized by the author, Robert Louis Stevenson, I am stuck on an island, but, of my own choosing, which I have determined to be my sanctuary.  If not opulent, in its surroundings, there is certainly everything you may think of to make my presence here,comfortable, relaxing and even fulfilling.  I am surrounded with the “waters” I love, my farm, my books, my art work, my music, computers, train layouts, plenty of food, my pets, aviation related items and such, my motorcycle, my study, my library, my fireplaces (three in total), swimming pool, airfield, large barn, animals of all kinds, comfortable furniture, a baby grand piano, guitars and other instruments and on and on and on.  It is an imposed “isolation” that has no constraints or boundaries, and yet there is something missing.

That missing ingredient is daily companionship, in my opinion.  Like Robinson, most of his daily needs and aspirations were met, but not until he met a companion, did he find the fulfillment and warmth of human companionship.  He found that when he met Friday.

Who was Friday?   He was the “black” native, castaway, that like Robinson, had found himself in such a similar predicament and situation.   He too, it might be said, found and discovered the bonding of human companionship with Robinson.  The two of them made a dynamic duo, the likes of which, did not exist on that island heretofore.  Now their days were filled with interaction and vibration of spirits, one with another.  Two distinctly different “worlds” or “personalities” gently ebbing in and out of each others proximities.   This is the important aspect of interaction between people that can only occur between two or more persons.  Animals are great, but they are not the same, as interacting with your own species!

Somewhere, along the way, we realize the importance of this social interaction, which gives new meaning and new depth to the existence of which we have chosen for ourselves.  This is why, in regards to incarceration and exile, that solitary confinement is so undesirable and so debilitating to the individual.  There is no escape!

To escape, gives relief, refreshment and reflection!   Once these are obtained, the individual can “go back” to their solitude and confinement and even tranquility, seeking for another burst of inspiration, insight and prospects of peaceful contentment with ones’ self.

Thank goodness I am free to come and go as I please, and to interact with all those who may present themselves in this world.  To have a loving wife and children and grand children and friends and associates and others, with whom I share common bonds of love and understanding.  Without these, I would only be a “speck” on the wall of eternity.  With these, I am much more, for not only have I found the “peace of living,” but, I have found the promise and hope of much more than myself.  For I have become the “essence” of life, for myself, as I interact and contribute to the “essence” of lif

e for humanity itself, in my small part.

And, as the Bible says, “And the moving finger, having writ, moves on.”


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