We Have a Republic

This article is in direct response to a very recent, syndicated column by Froma Harrop, which is published by approximately 200 newspapers across the nation.  Her article, dated May 17, 2017, is entitled, “Can Americans Save Their Democracy?”

My comments are addressed to her and to all red blooded Americans, who love this country!

Personally, I am very offended by your vitriolic vituperation of our President of the United States of America!

In your recent column, of May 17, 2017, which is circulated to my local newspaper, the Douglas County Sentinel, you present yourself as an unhappy, political looser, who cannot adjust to a fair and comprehensive change in American politics.

For one thing, you think you are the salvation of “Our Democracy” for the American people.  Please be advised that this country is not a Democracy but rather is a “Republic.”  We are governed by laws and not by men or women.

The Honorable Benjamin Franklin told us that the Founding Fathers gave us a “Republic” if we can keep it.  As a matter of fact, the word “Democracy” is not even mentioned in the Declaration of Independence nor is it used in the Constitution of the United States or in any of the fifty Constitutions of any of the individual States.

You, and many others, who think you are doing so much for the people of this country, in your venomous attacks, are in reality damaging the true political intent of what this nation is all about.

Why don’t you say the truth, “Can Americans Save Their Republic?”  Then, at least, you will be more accurate in your rants and raves.

And, PLEASE, show some respect for our nation by showing some respect for our President.

Free speech is given within the bounds of truth and good tastes!

Thank You

Steven D. Ayres

A Free Citizen of Douglas County, Georgia, United States of America


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