About Steven

Steven D. Ayres, known as “Steve” to his many friends, has lived most of his life in the country around Salt Springs, Georgia. Now Lithia Springs, and once known to the Indians as Deer Lick, it has been the home of the author for over half a century now. He is the author of a historical trilogy, which includes “Fallow Are the Fields, “We Danced Until Dawn,” and his most recent book, “Under the Wedding Tree.”

Born in Atlanta, at the age of five, his family moved to the old farm just three miles west of Lithia Springs, where much of “Under the Wedding Tree” takes place. The surrounding area is rich in history, especially about the Civil War, including the ante-bellum house in which the author was reared.

As a boy, he played in the creeks and fields, climbed Kennesaw Mountain, and went horseback riding and camping at Factory Shoals and the ruins of Manchester Mill. For four years, he did re-enacting as a Confederate soldier during the American Civil War Centennial celebration, making all his own equipment and uniforms. Later, as an adult, he attended and graduated from Emory University, where he developed a close friendship to Professor Dr. Bell Irvin Wiley, noted historian and author. After studying law for another year, the author entered the family real estate business. Within several years, he had earned his Broker’s license and soon took over the family business. Among other things, at the age of twenty-five, he was elected as President of the Douglas County Chamber of Commerce and a few years later as the President of the West Georgia Board of Realtors and serving as a State Director.

Business, family, and history has kept him busy these many years as well as his avocation as an artist, also playing the guitar and sometimes performing at the local Cedar Grove Bluegrass get together on Tuesday evenings. Recently he took up learning the fiddle. He is also a licensed private pilot and currently owns a 1947 Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser Traildragger.

He has three grown children and two son-in-laws and no grandchildren, yet. He and his wife, Beth, still live on the family farm just west of Lithia Springs, Georgia.


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